April 2010 — Vol. 74, No. 10


McAndrew, Sourouzian; Alberghini, P. C. Jones; Ensemble del Teatro Rossini di Lugo, Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Franklin. Production: Michieletto. Dynamic 33605, 93 mins., subtitled


The members of the DVD cast turn in fine vocal performances. Fiona McAndrew portrays Jackie as an introverted, thoughtful woman of heart, much more a victim than a beneficiary of her fame. The high point of the opera comes in an imagined dialogue with Maria Callas – dazzlingly captured in the depiction by Nora  Sourouzian – in which the two women come to peace with each other. Here, both singers use all they have to bring the scene to life. It is one of the few truly engaging moments in the opera, one in which music, text, stage direction and cast combine to make artistic magic.

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